Logbook Servicing

Your new car’s warranty can only protect you from unexpected early mechanical faults if you bring it to a reputable mechanic for regular logbook servicing.

We can provide logbook servicing for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles of all makes and models, providing peace of mind with your new vehicle and maintaining the protection of your warranty.

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Vehicle Inspections

As a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester we can conduct vehicle inspections and issue roadworthy certificates to vehicles that pass muster. We can also conduct pre-purchase inspections for used car buyers looking for added peace of mind, as well as pre-trip inspections before your next driving holiday.

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Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of your most important safety features on the road, making regular checks of your brakes vital to maintaining your vehicle’s safety.

We offer customers a comprehensive range of brake repairs, covering parts replacement of brake pads, discs and drums, machining of discs for added lift, brake hydraulics checks and more.

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Steering & Suspension

Issues with your vehicle’s ride comfort or handling are often traced back to worn or faulty parts in your vehicle’s steering and suspension system.

We can provide replacement car springs, shock absorbers and bushing for your suspension systems, as well as power steering repairs, wheel alignment and balancing to maintain your vehicle’s handling and control on the road.

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Clutch & Transmission

Our team at Bentleigh Garage can provide repairs and servicing for manual and automatic transmissions in all makes and models of vehicles. We can also offer customers repairs for your vehicle’s differential, which manages your vehicle’s power delivery through corners, and your CV joints, which transfers power to your wheels.

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Engine Repairs

Our range of engine services include reconditioning, rebuilds and testing, as well as repairs for your vehicle’s engine block, cylinder heads and camshaft. We can also conduct diagnostic tests and tuning for your EFI diagnostics.

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Radiators & Cooling Systems

We can check your cooling system for issues, from conducting various tests to uncover leaks and clogs in your cooling system, to repairs and replacement for faulty radiator units, heater units, thermostats and gasket heads.

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Air Conditioning

We can fix up your air conditioning system with repairs and replacement air conditioning units, leak repairs for your air con hosing and vents, and re-gassing in accordance with ARC regulations once we’re satisfied your vehicle’s air con is airtight.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

At Bentleigh Garage we’re equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to help us locate and repair faults more quickly and effectively, getting you back on the road sooner. We can also test and replace batteries, alternators and starter motors, as well as install new stereo systems, lighting upgrades and other accessories.

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Smash Repairs

If you find yourself in an accident on the road, think of Bentleigh Garage and give us a call. We provide a comprehensive range of services to get you back on the road, including:

  • coordination with local towing services
  • assistance with your insurance claim
  • chassis straightening
  • panel repairs
  • paintless dent repair
  • spray painting
  • detailing
  • and much more
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Other Services

We provide a range of additional services for our customers, covering:

  • replacement tyres for all makes and models of passenger car and 4WD
  • motorcycle repairs
  • windscreen replacement
  • and much more
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